How can cosmetic surgery turn out to be fruitful?

Plastic surgery alters certain areas of the body of an individual to treat medical issues or enhance their appearance. Surgeons might perform procedures on their faces, neck, breasts, stomach, arms, and legs. These surgeries mainly range from rhinoplasty dubai to bbl surgery. Reconstructive surgery is mainly responsible for repairing defects or injuries and restoring function. Cosmetic surgery enhances the appearance of a person for nonmedical reasons.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty commonly known as nose reshaping is a surgical procedure designed to change the shape or size of the nose. A nose surgery or rhinoplasty surgeon generally seeks to change the shape or structure of the nose, whether for a deviated septum or to realign the nasal bone.

There are two main types of plastic surgery used for a rhinoplasty:

  1. Reconstructive surgery mainly seeks to restore the form and function of the nose in a better way.
  2. Cosmetic surgery seeks to alter the appearance of the nose.

When should anyone consider Rhinoplasty?

Whether people are considering rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons or a medical reason due to an accident, injury to the nose, or facing difficulty breathing, one must board a certified plastic surgeon.

What happens during the consultation of rhinoplasty?

The person going or the treatment will be discussing their surgical options, the pros, and cons of each, as well as their medical history. The surgeon will need to know all the current medications the person is taking if someone has had any serious illness in the past and whether they smoke.

The procedure of the Rhinoplasty

  • The surgery approach can be performed from inside the nostrils known as ‘closed rhinoplasty’.
  • Open rhinoplasty surgery can be done by making a small cut between the nostrils and lifting the skin.

The person going for plastic surgery and their plastic surgeon will discuss these and agree on the best approach depending on the concern that is being treated.

Recovery time of Rhinoplasty

The post-operative instructions and the return to normal physical and work will be individualized depending on the procedure and discussed before the surgery. It is important to note that the surgeon will share detailed instructions on how to take care of the surgical area and on warning symptoms to look out for.

Now, let us have a mild idea about bbl surgery in brief:

Brazilian Buttock Lift or bbl surgery

Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL), also known as Gluteoplasty. It is a procedure that augments the buttocks by injecting some fats acquired from other areas of the body.

Candidate ideal for a Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) surgery

Undergoing an unnecessary procedure is not ideal, but these could be some of the reasons for anyone to consider while undergoing a BBL surgery:

  • If their buttocks are asymmetrical.
  • If their body is in perfect shape, but the shape of their buttocks throws them off balance.
  • If they recently lost a lot of weight, and all their skin has been sagging.
  • If compared to their whole body, their buttocks are too small.
  • Their buttocks tend to sag owing to hormonal changes.

Two different procedures of bbl surgery are listed below:

A patient with knowledge of the procedure can help to achieve optimal results.

  1. The Implant Procedure

After putting the patient under anesthesia, the incisions are made on the sides or the bottom sides, near the Gluteal crease, for an easy insert of the implant in those areas.

  1. The Fat Grafting Procedure

The Fat Grafting Procedure is the most successful. Here’s what happens during the procedure:

  • The patient is put under anesthesia to extract the fat.
  • After the anesthetic, they insert the thin tube into the inobtrusive incisions, the fat is loosened for extraction.
  • After the fat is extracted from the body of the patient, it is processed for the required inspection.


Plastic surgery alters certain areas of a person’s body to treat medical issues or enhance appearance. There are different types of plastic surgery, including reconstructive surgery, bbl surgery, birth defect repair, cosmetic surgery, and more. Receiving services from an experienced surgeon and following home-care instructions can help anyone have a safe experience.


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