How can you speed up tomato seedlings to have a faster harvest?

Choosing cold-tolerant and fast-growing tomato varieties can be challenging for an early harvest. You have to know more about how to grow them by getting a Tomato Mentor. These strategies are for your tomato to ripen faster and get to the growing season during the summer.

Warming up the soil

Tomatoes are known to be tropical plants that need to warm the soil to take off. You have to wait for several weeks before you plan to transplant, and you are thinking about the steps to heat it. You must remove any mulch covering the surface where it needs direct sunlight to warm. It is where you can think of using clear plastic or darker tarps to focus on making good heat. You can change the mulch once you are done planting to help the soil to get the proper moisture.

Less to harden the plants.

When planting tomatoes from seed, you need to get a good lifespan to help introduce them to the outdoors. It would help if you produced it soon where the winds and chilling weather can shock them. You can put it on a few weeks behind the growing season. A good option is to harden your plants outdoors for a few minutes daily. Please keep it in the south of your house to have a semi-protected space.

Grow it in containers or beds

Increasing your plants by growing them in raised beds or pots gives them an extra height to help them warm up. It makes it faster to grow tomatoes and will not get waterlogged by heavy spring rains.

Use the space between plants.

You have to give every tomato plant lots of space to secure it will get the proper sunlight and airflow. You don’t have to pack it too tightly; your plants will be at risk by damping it. It will develop a disease or fungus problems where it will decrease its growth.

Plant deep

Tomato plants are doing well when you have to bury them deep when the weather is not the best time yet. You have to bury three-quarters of every plant in every planting hole. You can remove its branches with the stem as you plant it. The buried stem will then sprout to new roots, and it will have an excellent anchor to your plant in the ground.

Prune for quality

You must help your tomatoes get the best fruit by pruning off every sucker and branch. You like the plant to put on all its effort by making a more significant, early-ripening tomato.

Give the proper support.

Keeping it supported on every branch will get the amount of sunlight to increase its growth.

When you know the steps of planting a tomato, you will harvest the rich and healthy plants in your backyard. It will be satisfying to get ripe tomatoes when you know you are making them the right way. Making the process of planting the seeds makes you indulge more in your garden to produce more.


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