Gastronomic Tourism: What It Is, Tips, And Why Make The Journey

There is no better way to get to know the history and culture of a place than trying its typical dishes, right? There is nothing better than betting on gastronomic tourism to discover the delights hidden in our country’s exuberant beauty. Ideal for trips as a family, as a couple, with friends, and even for those who prefer to be alone, gastronomic tourism provides countless unforgettable experiences. Want to know more about the modality? Come with The International Kitchen and stay on top of the details!

What Is Gastronomic Tourism?

After all, what is gastronomic tourism? In addition to a culinary adventure, Cooking Vacations in Portugal for example, it is a cultural immersion based on gastronomy, in which, through taste, visitors learn about the culture and history of a particular people. In this type of tourism, you will learn about the practices involved in gastronomy in addition to appreciating new flavors. That is, you will understand more about the ingredients and the history and process of preparing typical dishes from the place visited.

In addition to providing tourists with a unique experience, gastronomic tourism stimulates the local economy. Still, it helps to spread different customs of Brazilian cuisine.

How To Practice It?

Thanks to its almost continental size, gastronomic tourism is mega-diverse and has different destinations focused on cuisine. So, if you love discovering and enjoying new flavors, exploring them is even easier. Even in destinations where gastronomy is not the focus, it is possible to practice it. For this, you can:

  • Search for tourist spots specialized in food production, wineries, and craft factories
  • take cooking classes with a chef or local
  • take a tour of restaurants, bars, snack bars and
  • go to food fairs

Why Make A Gastronomic Journey?

Many reasons push a person to travel, among which is discovering gastronomy. Indeed, nowadays, more and more people are taking a gastronomic journey, which is quite normal considering all the advantages that can be obtained.

To Know Several Dishes

The passion for gastronomy is frequent. As a result, people make a gastronomic stay with their loved ones. However, the question arises: what can this type of stay bring us? In fact, the gastronomic stay is a good option to give us an idea of ​​the different dishes in many regions. The specialty varies from region to region. And the fact of traveling allows you to discover these varieties.

Similarly, you can also discover local products in each region you visit. Once you arrive in your country, you can start preparing the dishes. After all, this is the main objective of a trip to know gastronomy.

To Take Cooking Classes

In addition to knowing several dishes, the trip to see the gastronomy is also carried out with the primary objective of following the cooking classes. Indeed, during your trip, you can take cooking classes to learn a little more about the specialties of the region and the city. Many professionals offer cooking classes to help you discover the dishes.

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