Find Out If International Schools Are Right for Your Child Today

Around the world, about 12,000 English-speaking international schools focus on giving the best education to every student. If you want your child to experience a different culture and receive an incredible education, consider sending them abroad to an international school.

What Makes an International School Special?

The American education system is arguably the best, and now it is offered to children across the globe. Students attending international schools have the opportunity to learn in technologically advanced classrooms and go on fabulous field trips where they can use their knowledge in real-life situations.

These students, out of any other students attending non-international schools, have high rates of attending prestigious universities and do well in their careers and personal lives. International English schools give their students large amounts of emotional support, so they understand respect and community alongside their studies in the maths and sciences.

International schools also give students opportunities to study their interests outside of their general studies. Students have access to classes in art, dance, drama, guitar, piano, ukulele, football, taekwondo, badminton, rugby, and tennis. Students can even try their skills in the kitchen in the cooking club, become scientists in the robotics club, speak their truth in the speech and debate club, and learn if they have a green thumb in the gardening club.

Is it Easy to Apply?

The websites for these international schools, including the Basis International School in Thailand, are easy to use and allow you to enrol your child into the program with ease and zero stress.

You will need to fill out a form detailing your child’s academic history as well as information about you and your spouse. Once you submit this form, you wait to hear from the international school. From there, you will meet with the school to see if the international school is the right fit for your child. The application process is highly selective with only a few children accepted every year.

If you aren’t sure about applying and need more information to make your decision, you can sign up for a tour of the facilities where you have the opportunity to ask questions and speak to the school staff. You can also check to see if there are any admission events on campus and call to ask questions over the phone.

Post Author: Kara Julius