Everything To Know On How To Detect And Eliminate Them?

The early detection of head lice leather is essential to prevent further infestation. There are some handy tips for good prevention and detection. Lice Doctors Gainesville, FL explain how.

  1. Observe If The Child Scratches Frequently.

As insects manage to camouflage themselves very well, it is essential to have the habit of checking children’s hair for early detection and thus avoid proliferation and contagion to other children or relatives.

  1. Pay Attention To Various Elements

We must also pay attention to the shirt collars and pillowcases and brushes and caps or hats.

  1. Apply A Treatment

In the case of detecting lice or nits, a pediculosis treatment must be applied for its correct elimination.

Truths And Myths About Lice

How are they transmitted? Through the direct contact of one head with another. Also, through objects such as brushes, hats, or cushions that have been used by a person who has nits or lice.

Do they fly? They don’t, nor do they jump, but they grab and move with ease.

How to check if you have? The main symptom is itching. Another sign that may indicate its presence is the appearance of small lesions on the scalp. They resemble tiny red spots produced by the skin’s reaction to the insect’s saliva.

How can you tell the difference between nits and dandruff? Dandruff is easily separated from the hair and goes away with a wash.

How can you tell if the nits are alive? At first glance, it isn’t easy. You can try to pluck the egg from the hair; if it is easily removed, it means that it no longer houses a living embryo. Another way to find out is through color: if it’s white, it probably means empty.

Can you tell if they take a long time? Lice deposit their nits at the hair base, about half an inch from the scalp. So, the further it is from the base, the longer it will take on the hair according to Lice Doctors Gainesville, FL.

When Do The Eggs Hatch?

After a week or two of the louse laying.

What Causes Itching?

The saliva that they generate when they bite to feed themselves and that, in most people, causes a small reddish lesion.

Do They Only Infect Young Children?

No, everyone can have them.

Does Cleaner Equal Less Risk?

No, lice mainly go to the cleaner hair.

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