Choosing Accredited Swimming Pool Certifiers – What You Need to Know

Everyone loves owning a private swimming pool. You may be one of those people who wants complete access to all the charms of a swimming pool and to be able to save yourself from the hassle of crowds at public swimming pools. Well, owning a pool has a proper procedure, and you need to follow the inspection process and get a pool certificate. You should hire a professional swimming pool certifier to get a safe pool to enjoy with your friends and family.

Types of Swimming Pool Certifiers

The first thing you need to do is define what kind of swimming pool certifier you require. There are several kinds of swimming pool certifiers based on different classes. Swimming pool certifiers are attributed to definite categories. For example, a Category A1 certifier can verify all structures. All certifiers must follow the legal requirements of the country.

What Responsibilities Does a Pool Certifier Have?

Different types of accredited swimming pool certifiers have different responsibilities. A certifier is credited in a specific category, for example, A1, A2, A3, or E1. An E1 certifier performs swimming pool safety inspections to ensure that the pool fulfills all the governmental necessities. Some certifiers can also perform any required maintenance to bring a swimming pool up to standard.

Generally, when you hire a pool certifier, they will inspect your pool barrier to ensure compliance. You will have a defined period to solve the problem if it is not. Don’t be worried if your pool doesn’t pass its initial inspection, as many swimming pools need many inspections to comply with the firm standards.

How Is an E1 Pool Certifier Trained?

An E1 swimming pool certifier can inspect all types of pools. These certifiers have proper professional training and studies. E1 certifiers go through professional swimming pool inspection training and get a license for a pool safety inspection. To be eligible for an E1 pool certifier license, you must get a statement of attainment in pool safety regulations declared by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority). You also have to pass the test of a pool safety inspector and hold specialised indemnity insurance.

What Is a Safety Pool Inspector?

The role of a swimming pool inspector is to examine pools to certify whether they comply with all the safety values. If your pool is compliant, the certifier will award a pool safety certificate to the owner’s name. If the pool does not meet the standards, the pool owner will be fined, or the swimming pool will be shut down until all of the issues are resolved.

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