6 Questions you must ask your CPA firm before hiring them

With rigorous competition arising for these professionals, it is essential to have a hiring plan in hand. Hence, this is why it is important to select the right CPA for your firm. In today’s blog, CPA in Wichita, KS has put forward six questions to ask before hiring them. So, let us begin with the topic.

Six questions you must ask your CPA firm before hiring them

Q.1: What Services do you Provide?

Based on the industry your company caters to, you need to be aware of the kind of services you would require from a CPA firm. An experienced CPA firm should provide you with services, such as financial forecasting, business consulting, judicious planning, and more. Ask them how they can support your business. 

Q.2: Do you have Expertise with Business in my industry?

It is important to note that the CPA you would hire has expertise working in an industry similar to yours. Ask the firm if they have the required expertise.

Q.3: What Technology do you use for the Accounting Process?

You need multiple business reports to keep track of the financial health of your business. You can only have a look at a proper view of the business with an accurate accounting report. Smart accounting software will help generate error-free reports. Ask the CPA firm about the technology that they would be using.

Q.4: What is your Fee Structure?

It is important to understand the fee structure and the billing process. Whether on an hourly basis, fixed, or retainer. Ask for thorough information on the fee structure and also about any additional cost that would arise.

Q.5: Can I look at your Case Studies From Familiar Clients?

Asking for references will give you an idea about their track record and customer satisfaction. It will provide an insight into how the firm works and the quality of the services. 

Q.6: How often will you be available to answer my queries and concerns?

Communication is an essential factor for a successful partnership. Ask how often they are available and via what mode. (Email, phone, or in person). Furthermore, ask how you often will be updated and informed on the financial status and the projects.


You need to hire an experienced CPA firm if you want to run a successful business. Asking the above questions will ensure that you are hiring the correct one.

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