What’s in my beach bag?


Keeping with the theme of summer, I want to share what’s in my beach bag. For as long as I can remember, I have loved going to the beach. Now, I’ve got it down so that I only bring a few beach bag necessities. Nothing is worse than lugging a bunch of stuff you don’t need to the beach. Especially if a long walk, stairs, and kiddos are involved! Trust me on this one, from experience!! Anyway, this is my beach bag pre-baby:


As you can see, I only bring a few things that are easy to carry. Here’s a little more detail on my beach must-haves:

1. Beach Bag - I love this beach bag from Target. It’s cute and fits all my things and more. I prefer a beach bag with a shoulder strap that is easy carry.

2. Sarong - If I was stranded on an island, I would definitely want to have a sarong with me! They are useful for so many things. I use as a beach blanket, towel, beach coverup, sun shade, and privacy for changing (don’t ask!) They also dry quick, making them a beach must-have!

3. Hat and Shades

4. Magazine or Book - The beach is the perfect place to get some summer reading in!! This is my latest favorite book if you need a read!

5. Beauty Products - I’ve never understood why people wear makeup to the beach. I keep it simple and bring a comb, a clip (less damaging than hair ties!), and some chapstick.

6. Sunscreen - I’m kind of sunscreen freak. I use different types of sunscreens depending on where I am in the world and the time of the day. If the sun is not too stong (morning or evening), I usually wear an SPF 15. For most beach days here in California, I use a SPF 30 sunscreen from Aubrey organics. For my face, I use this sunscreen from SanRe Organics. If I’m in the tropics, where the sun is much stronger, I wear an SPF 55. If I’m in the tropics and going surfing or playing in the water, I use this stuff (This stuff is amazing! It’s the only thing that works when I’m surfing in Costa Rica!)

7. Phone - I always put my phone in a zip lock bag when I’m going to the beach to protect it from the elements. Head phones are great too for listening to music from your phone!

8. Snacks - I usually bring something light and easy such as fruit, some almonds, or a Larabar.

9. Water!! Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!!!!

Ok so now I have an a 22 month old and my beach gear has changed quite a bit. I no longer bring books or earphones because these days, the beach is more about supervising and entertaining. Instead, I bring a few other things… Here’s a look at my current beach bag situation:What's in my beach bag?

So obviously now that I am a mom, I have a few more things to bring to the beach. Here are my additions:

1. A baby sun-hat and rash guard - Sun protection is so important! Especially in areas that are harder to apply sunscreen, like the head. Rash guards are also a great way to protect your child from the sun.

2. Baby sunscreen – We use Aubrey Organics and Badger Sunscreen. I love these sunscreens. They work great! These sunscreens may seem a little thick at first, but they work much better than other sunscreens we’ve tried .(we’ve tested both types in the tropics!) Plus they use more natural and organic ingredients!

3. Beach umbrella

5. Beach blanket

6. Beach towel

7. Beach Toys

8. Snacks, water, and insulated lunch bag - I love our insulated lunch bag from Skip Hop. They come in cute animal designs too!

9. Diapers and wipes – Especially wipes because sand always manages to get EVERYWHERE with kids!

10. Plastic or Zip Lock Bags – For wet clothes, suits, towels, trash, dirty diapers, etc.

So as you can see, I have more things to bring to the beach these days. But remember, too much stuff for the beach will likely be a big hassle. Keep it simple!  Click here to view my recommendations in my Amazon estore!!

What are some of the things you like to bring to the beach??

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