DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

Growing up, one of my favorite hobbies was collecting cool shells, rocks, and pieces of driftwood that I found on the beach. I’ve been blessed to be born and raised near the beach and also travel to some pretty amazing topical beaches. So naturally, over time, I’ve gained a pretty nice collection of shells and driftwood!! I have shells and rocks from Hawaii, California, Costa Rica, Panama, Puerto Rica, and Portugal to name a few.

The other day I was cleaning out a closet and I came across an old box of shells. I decided it was time to put them to use and get crafty. I’m not crazy about the color of our house so I am constantly looking for ways to disguise it and make the outside look a little prettier. So I decided to make a DIY shell and driftwood hanging. This idea was inspired by a combination of diy rain chains, mobiles, and wind chimes. I had so much fun getting creative and making one that I decided to make a few more, for gifts. I even finally found a great use for those cute painted sticks from Free People I keep seeing all over Pinterest! Here is how I did it:

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging


Shells, rocks, driftwood

Dremel or drill to put holes in shells and wood.

Fishing Line


Optional: Wire to wrap rocks or shells that are difficult to drill a holes in.

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging


1. Select the shells and wood you want to use for your hanging and gather your materials.

2. Design a layout for your hanging. Keep in mind that balancing the weights of shells may be required.

3. Drill holes in wood and shells. I used a dremel to drill the holes. Here are some tips for drilling holes in shells.

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

4. Attach string (fishing line) to wood. First add center string with a loop for hanging it. The easiest way to do this is to thread the string upwards through the wood and then back down. This will create a loop on the top and you will tie a knot at the bottom part to support it (see photo above). Add the other strings where you want the shells to hang and knot them above the stick to support it.

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

5. String on shells and wood in the order you want. To do this, I hung my piece in a doorway while I worked so I could see if it was balanced. Add knots between the pieces to add spacing, if desired.

6. Tie the ends and cut off extra string.

7. Enjoy your masterpiece!! Share your creation with us on instagram!! @inspiredsoulblog #inspiredsoulblog

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

DIY Shell and Driftwood Hanging

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